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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fortune Cookies = Waste of Cookie

The crazed Fortune Cookies are a senseless, crisp cookie usually made from flour, sugar, vanilla, and oil with a so-called "fortune" wrapped inside. The glorious, fictitious "fortune" is a piece of paper that consists of words featuring fake wisdom, tidbits of lame advice or simply some line of vague prophecy. Speaking of that, you'd be better off visiting the web page: "Daily Tidbits & Word Games," if you're looking to possibly learn something each day.

It is really amusing when you are with a group of people at a Chinese restaurant who all, for whatever reason, must get their stupid cookie of fortune before leaving. It is even more ludicrous when more than one person has the same "fortune." Ha-ha! To top it off, it is really ridiculous when you know of odd jobs that exists, such as "Fortune Cookie Writer for Hire." Or, was that imbeciles for hire? LOL!

You must really be superstitious, gullible, moronic, or just damn right silly, to believe in this crap! Some people actually think they were destined to recieve their hogwash (oops, I meant fortune) within this flour-based treat of bull-shit! Yeah, it might be traditional for some, but really, what's the point? Besides, most people don't even eat 'em; they just break 'em open and grap the nonsensical sliver of paper inside.

With all of that being said: Fortune Cookies equal a waste of cookie, plain & simple!

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