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The Anti-Dolt Blog
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Sexy 'Big Booty' Babe - Coco

I thought it would be a good time to temporarily change up the tempo, here @ Imbecilic Repellent. Yeah, it is Spring time where I live; flowers are blooming, the temperature is rising and the snakes are coming out! So, lets bring a little eye-candy to the screen...

Welcome to Coco's World. She is one sexy, big booty babe to be found on the world wide web. At age 18, she won her first fitness competition. She has took part in many swimsuit competitions, calendars, videos, etc. Coco has even spent several months, in the past, working for PlayBoy.

For whatever reason, people have accused her of getting "ass implants." Coco has an amazing thick booty that redefines the terms "ass cleavage." Personally, I love looking at her big, juicy butt - along with the rest of her! She has openly stated that the only thing fake on her sexy body, is her succulent breast implants - weighing in at 39DD (yummy!). Coco is currently a blonde, but she is naturally a Brunette.

Below, I'll provide a few seductive, sexy pics of this enticing femme fatale and a link to her personal website...
'Click on the Images Below, to Enlarge for a Better View'...

Butt Cleavage!Very Nice...Super Sexy Babe!Big Booty Galore!
Need more pics? Visit: Nicole "Coco" Austin - Phat Booty - Part 2

Or, visit: Exotic Babes & Sexy Models - Gallery Links

--- Click Here to Visit Coco's Personal Website (Coco's World) ---

---End of Post "Sexy 'Big Booty' Babe - Coco"

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