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Monday, March 1, 2010

The 'Middle East' & Muslims need some alcohol in their life...

I've recently stumbled across a global depiction, that color-codes the countries by alcohol consumption per capita. On this image, the darker the color = the more alcohol is consumed.

Before I say anything else, look below:

[You can click the image to enlarge] Now, what's wrong with this picture?
Yes, it looks like us Americans, Australians, Russians, and pretty much most of the globe is apt to party down and have a good time. Does anyone notice the dry spots? ...Of course ya do! The whole Middle East and the northern part of Africa is basically the dryest parts in the world, when it comes to alcohol consumption per capita.
I can understand the Northern part of Africa, since it is desert land with high heat conditions (alcohol has the tendency to dehydrate a person), but what about those Muslims in the Middle East? Isn't that where most of the world's trouble comes from, wars, turmoil, et cetera? In fact, most Muslims don't eat swine, either. That's just great... Hell, if I couldn't drink beer and eat pork, I'd be pissed, too. No wonder those people over there are always throwing rocks & protesting. Ha-ha!
The bottom line: I think the Middle East (Muslims included) need some damn alcohol in their life! Throw in the swine, and maybe they will chill the fuck out. LOL!
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