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Monday, May 10, 2010

Are bodybuilding freaks simply gluts with mental problems?

Before I say any more, this post doesn't apply to people who are health nuts, workout regularly, or even the majority of bodybuilders. This applies to the small percentage of what many may refer to as "bodybuilding freaks."
Ya know, the steroid-bound ones with the freakish size and unbelievable amounts of muscle mass, huge bulging veins, an overall non-human appearance, along with a shriveled gonadal sac and/or diminished genitalia - who, in turn, dedicate their whole life to pumping iron and staying at the gym while all of their decision-making in life gyrates around building muscle? Yeah, those folks......

My original query: Are bodybuilding freaks simply gluts with mental problems?

Definitions of 'glut'... 1) Oversupply 2) to fill especially with food to satiety : Satiate (fullness to the point of excess)

Besides the ridiculously high caloric intake from food & supplements that is constantly required to achieve a freakish boldybuilding size, I'd say their body is also at a state of fullness to the point of excess, wouldn't you?

Now, lets move onto one of the possible mental problems at hand:

While briefly searching online for others who may have posted similar questions, I found this quote from some Los Angeles Times article archive site: "No matter how massive they are, athletes with muscle dysmorphia see themselves as 98-pound weaklings, researchers say. [Their] Obsession is likened to anorexia in reverse."

I've thought about this before, because being a bodybuilding freak can sometimes, depending on the person, be just like anorexia in reverse! They are never satisfied, and always think they are small even though they are huge, in contrast to people with anorexia, as they always think they're fat even though they are tiny.

I don't know much about the previously labeled condition called "muscle dysmorphia," nor do I care to; but, besides that obvious mental condition, one could easily throw in a good case of muscular obsession to add to their problems at hand.

Conclusion: I have nothing against physical fitness and, actually, I strongly recommend it, but this blog entry doesn't have anything to do with typical bodybuilding, weight training, et cetera.
Anyway, I usually add at least one image per blog post (or more) that semi-relates to the subject matter, but I refuse to add images of these steroid-taking monsters to this particular post. You can always search the web if you need some sort of freaky refreshment. So, back to the primary question, what do you think? Are these oversized herculean beings simply gluts with mental problems?

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1 comment:

  1. First of all, this is not a sexist post nor does it aim to tear into gender equality or whatever political correctness it may violate; blah! Anyway, I was just watching TV and they started showing these female bodybuilding freaks that openly admitted to taking steroids and testosterone injections, etc. Why are the contests even allowed? Anybody with half a brain knows that a female doesn't have enough testosterone and growth hormones to turn into a complete circus freak by lifting some weights. It doesn't matter how hard they workout, it ain't happening, naturally.

    The male contests are bad enough, but at least they are, uh, males. When I see a female bodybuilder on steroids, it makes my gonads hurt. I mean, Chyna was kinda hot in a weird sort of way, but she also wrestled, acted, and played in adult films; ha! But seriously, do you think these contests should be allowed, even though it is fairly obvious that most of them use illegal substances? Plus, they said that female bodybuilders are way underpaid. Hmm, I wonder why...

    ---End of Post "Why are female Bodybuilding Contests allowed?"