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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Freelancing Wanna-bes

I've recently stumbled across a sickening, childish, pathetic situation via the world wide web. It was a site full of freelancing wanna-bes, uneducated dolts, and overall it consisted of a bunch of untalented, so-called "writers" that were writing for one of those article-submit sites. The goal, within this particular site, is to upload as much poppycock as you can, in hopes that whoever lands on your junk, by way of the search engines, will click on your adverts so you can earn a few pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, etc. The hosted site has a revenue share program, so that both the "writer" and the site owners can make cash from your senseless verbiage.

There are many of these article-submit sites out there and not all of the writers totally suck, but the talent is few and far between. Anyway, that is not what I'm babbling about today. The other day, I run across one of these websites giving one of their members a cyber-interview about his success...along with cyber-hugs, kisses, and a giant, sloppy felicitation.

The freelancing wanna-be that was having this cyber-interview, had finally made 100 dollars after posting on that site for 8 months or thereabouts. Oh my god, you'd think, after reading the interview, it was some giant leap of success. Normally, when I come across stupid shit like that, I simply x-out the screen and go back to my IE's homepage and restart my search queries. Well, this was so damn moronic that it was entertaining to read. Talk about a load of dino-dung, this guy was talking like he was head SEO advisor and had the monetary wheels turning at Bill Gate's pace. 100 hundred dollars after 8 months and this guy is getting famed? Ha-ha-ha! LOL! I was laughing my ass off. Well, that part was good. If you need to learn more about why this was healthy, visit: The Health Benefits of Laughing, Laugh Out Loud, LOL!

Okay, back to the garbage: Lets break this down and say that 8 months roughly averages 240 days. This guy made 100 dollars online in 240 days. It rounds up to $0.42 cents a day! Oh, wow! Lets start a party! Congratulations! Hurrah! Hurray! LOL! It was even more ludicrous to read the actual interview. Due to the ridiculous nature, I'll keep the site and the freelancing wanna-bes nameless. Besides, with that type of success flying around the web, these people may continue to upload their hogwash at a rampant rate and be able to buy that studded dildo they always wanted, within 3 months!

Yes folks, I think some of these people need to either get a real job, better hobbies or perhaps, maybe even a life. I know that success doesn't happen over night, and that monetary gains can increase over time. That is not the point. What's pertinent is that there is no need to celebrate or give interviews to people who took 5,760 hours to make 100 dollars online! You could have mowed 4 or 5 yards and made more than that. Hell, forget about the lawn mowing lunatics... You could have worked a minimum-wage job for 2 days and made more than that! Plus, 2 days is a lot shorter than 5,760 hours. Anyway, dear freelancing wanna-bes, good luck to ya and remember to grease-up before you do go out and blow all of your "hard-earned" online money on that studded dildo you keep dreaming about...... LOL!

Update: Here is some recent slop that I wrote on an article-submit site full of amateurs and freelancing wanna-bes with a few good writers here & there, albeit the community is quite entertaining, at times...

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