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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fundraising Whores Raising?

Fundraising (or fund raising) typically involves solicitation and other means of gathering money, donations, resources, etc.

But, this post speaks of a different type or shall we say "method" of solicitation. I'm talking about the ones who hang out by stop signs and red lights, get in the middle of the street and beg for donations. That, in its self, is enough of an aggravation - especially when you are struggling as a low-middle class, full-time laborer. I usually think to myself, "why don't they get some of those corporate bastards & big businesses to donate to your cause, you know, the ones with all the money."

Anyway, that is not the entire reason for this post and it has nothing to do with the title. This post is about those little 16 to 18-year-old girls who get in the middle of the street with skimpy, cut-off shorts up to their tight, succulent asses...along with a tiny shirt with their hips & stomach exposed while their juicy boobs are nearly hanging out, all while raising money. Yes, now that is solicitation in full swing, well, maybe that is enticement in full drool. This is when I ask the question to myself, "fundraising whores are raising?" Hmm, what?

Even though I usually just drive by with my cock swinging out the window and my tongue hanging to the floor, I still don't think it is right to put barely legal teens and minors out on the street dressed as a prostitute...all while trying to collect donations. I mean hey, if you're selling sex for your cause, fine. I'll pull up, tell 'em I got 2 hours to kill and order me up 2 rounds of fornication for 40 dollars and be done with it. That reminds me, I once did a blog post about that subject and it's titled "Should Prostitution be Legal?"

And if you must use desperate measures to raise money, at least offer a service. Okay, okay... We'll try an innocent one that would still be better than street walking. Just put a bunch of bikini babes on the side of the roads throughout local car washes around the area and offer a car washing service. You can pay them, as your donation to their cause, and get to watch them manually wash your car while they sport their bikinis and/or physical assets.

As far as any other supplemental "fund raising" that occurs afterwards, well, that would be between you and those innocent angels that are washing your car. Ha-ha!
Yeah, it goes something like this......

Bikini Car Wash!To hell with the whores raising funds, check out this sexy image gallery:

"Sexy Tattoo Babe / Model - Queen Esther Hanuka"


  1. I've also seen a lot of these fundraising whores lately, raising funds in my area as well. I haven't been lucky enough to see those sexy sluts you spoke about when you mentioned the bikini car wash babes. That was a nice pic! I'd let her wash my cock, oops, I mean wash my car any day!

  2. Yeah, the image of that hot babe is a fine example of the ones who I'd gladly give a sexual donation to. Okay, in some cases, I'd also give them a monetary reward during the exchange - just look at the car wash being free if the bikini is disrobed. After the real donations take place, pay the bill, and drive off. Fun-fun... Ha-ha!