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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lazy Bastards using Weed Killer...

I'm sick of these pathetic bastards that are too lethargic to do any manual work......

For instance, those morons who have to use weed killer all around their fences and whatever else, just because they are too lazy to trim, snip, or use a weed eater.

Another example, I have a step-dad who was trying to give me garden advice this year, so I wouldn't have to use a tiller as often or hoe as much. He thought it would be a good idea to dump weed killer in between the rows and around all of my plants. I looked at him and said, "no thanks, I'll take care of it." If I wanted to fill my garden with poison and devour the non-organic, poison-grown produce that yields later, I'd simply not have a garden to start with and I'd buy all of my vegetables at the super-market.

Other than these type of people being flat out lazy, their asininity is also not good for the planet nor its water supply. I mean really, do they ever think where all of this stuff goes when you profusely pour these liquid toxins into the ground?

I'm usually not for inflating prices or taxes, due to where the tax revenue often goes, but in this case, I'd like to see them raise the prices and perhaps even add an extra tax to these poisons and weed killers/herbicides; the same applies for rodent repellents, insecticides, and so on. Maybe if we jack up the cost of these products that are geared for these sluggish bastards, it would slow down the widespread usage of these moronic chemicals.

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  1. I know what works as an excellent alternative for weed killer, when it comes to killing grass & weeds by your fence.

    After battering & frying some of the organic produce from my garden, I take my oil-filled skillet outside and dump the hot, used oil alongside the fence. It works, and the area usually dies and turns brown within a couple days.
    The only problem with my advice, is that the lazy bastards using weed killer (like you mentioned above) will also most likely be too damn lazy to cook, so they would never generate any skillet oil by eating microwavable, lazy man dinners or eating fast food.

    Hmm, this reminds me: I've got some garden-grown zucchini and okra to fry - to add some side items for my hamburger steak and fresh-picked peppers. Yummy!

  2. No doubt; used cooking oil acts as a great weed killer, but unless you do an enormous amount of frying, you won't have enough oil to go completely around a fence or whatever else these people are too slothful to trim.

    People need to try something called "manual labor" and perhaps, they might also lose some of those jelly rolls in the process - that seem to hang off of the majority of Americans, et cetera. This is the land of obesity, ya know...

    By the way, while you're frying steak, zucchini and okra, throw me in some fried green tomatoes, yellow squash, and home-sliced southern potatoes while you're at it. It's time to grub down, bi~atch!