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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

United States of America - Gravestone

You're fucked!The 56th quadrennial United States presidential election was held on November 4, 2008.
Democrat Barack Obama, then junior United States Senator from Illinois, defeated Republican John McCain......

Today, I got an e-mail from a friend who sent me the perfect image to signify this date, November 4, 2008. Check out the lovely gravestone for the United States of America, below:

Death of America Hmm, it does seem that way at the moment......

Here is a resource link that will show a large, live display of our national debts, etc.:

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Big Wal-Mart Lie

I recently did a blog post entitled "Do you Detest Wal-Mart?"
Well, I should have added something else to that post, but I figured I'd save it for another day. Anyway, what I'm about to provide, is an image that portrays a big Wal-Mart lie! Of course, there are many lies found within the walls of that retail giant, but this one takes the fuckin' cake.

Look below:

Now that's one big, Grade-A fucking lie, right there! What in the hell happened to this policy??? I know the text is clearly shown on the image, but I have to type this just for the effect, and it says: "If some community, for whatever reason, doesn't want us in there, we aren't interested in going in and creating a fuss." -- Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton.
Yeah, remember, that is what the founder (Sam Walton) said a long time ago. Things sure have changed over the years, as Wal-Mart continues to bully its way into uninvited areas and turns small cities into ghost towns while destroying small businesses along with other facets of the economy with its communism-worshipping ways of greed and corruption.
Wally World can go fuck their selves... Cheers now!
---End of Post
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jayonna Fabro - The one and only...

Well, it's time for a transitory break from the creative rants, imbecilic repelling and stern hate that is often found here at the Anti-Dolt Blog. So, during this brief time of peace, I'll provide a few sexy images and some additional links to more fucking sexyness...

Jayonna Fabro is one seductive gal, and she not only seduces and entices with her 43 inch booty, as her eyes and facial expressions during the photo shoots also reel in erections at an alarming rate. Since I had too many images of Jayonna for a blog post, I put most of the best ones in the adult section of another site of mine; I'll provide the link in a moment.

Fuck me!
How would you like to be that pole?


Had any wicked Nurse Fantasies lately?

Totally succulent, big & round booty!Check out some of Jayonna Fabro's hottest images along with links to her updated galleries and personal website, by visiting:

---End of Post "Jayonna Fabro - The one and only..."

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---Update: Visit Jayonna Fabro's Gallery #2

Recent Addition to the Babe Gallery: Sofia Vergara - Sexy Latina - Hispanic Model

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Silly Semantics...

What's a public, cyber-blog good for if you can't honestly comment on it without your comments getting fucking deleted like the pussy-ass blog administrators often do? Hell, I'll gladly allow all non-spam comments on my blogs, whether you disagree or agree with me. I'll debate with anyone as opposed to tucking and running like most folks do...

I just got a comment deleted and/or "unapproved" on some grammar worship site, and by looking at all the hug-hug-kiss-kiss comments on there, I can see why. Oh, wow! I didn't agree with their stupidity and wanna-be sense of intellect, so here I am, re-posting my comment towards their dumb ass, lackluster version of ape dialogue, on one of my blogs. At any rate, it all boiled down to silly semantics. Some whackjob was preaching to the crowd of nutjobs about all that was holy with their baloney belief that one should know all of these (very seldom used) words in the English language because, truth be known, it makes them feel smarter. I mean really, this article of re-fried shit was just plain silly and the "approved" comments of ass-kissery were even more asinine.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the use of various types of dictions, but I know that they are just that - as being a choice of words. Anyway, I'm not going to post a link to that post since, by me linking to it, I'd be doing them a favor via spreading their disease; but just imagine a blog post spouting off about the need for grammar supremacy and the comments below it where so fictitiously claiming their so-called "knowledge of language" in such a flagrant fashion, that it made you want to puke your fucking guts out.

Okay, imagine the blog post that I described above, in which I replied to; my rejected comment was as follows:

"Ahh, it just boils down to silly semantics. I hate to break the positive vibe here, but really, communication simply involves a relay of thoughts whether it is to convey emotion or command an order, and so on...
It's not that complicated and if, for example, one person has a fetish for synonyms while another individual doesn't, it only means they choose to express their selves with pizazz and variety while the other keeps to more primal thought transmissions without a diverse form of senseless chatter that often captivates many.
Linguistic obsession is just that, as vocabulary should never be considered an indicator of intellect nor should it be used as some condescending eureka that often proclaims a feign finding to some vast sense of communicable awareness.
I mean, really, what do you learn by finding endless ways to say the same things? I often use different words to be more concise, terse, and/or succinct, but I don't find glory in it, just efficiency.
I understand that grammatical fluency factors into good writing by being fluent with various dictions and whatnot - and very much so, but that is just one facet of humanoid expressions that may cause ripples and impressions in other people's life. Regardless, not saying you do, but many people really obsess over this kind of stuff...

You can know all or most of the words in the "man made" dictionary while being a complete imbecilic, doltish, moronic, asinine individual at the same time, for example. Yikes! I just defined the majority of our current legislative hogwash that often showers down upon the dominated public of a so-called democracy.
Anyway, this was a very funny post in its own right albeit I can't help but think about all the ones who read it, that actually think knowledge is found through fabrication as opposed to experience. Hmm, no wonder the majority has struggling cognitive function...
It would be like comparing an athiest to a theist who studies their Bible. Do you think the atheist should know all the terms a theist deems necessary?
Whatever... I guess that is enough verbiage from me for now, but poppycock still equals nonsense, hogwash, swill, slop, hooey, baloney, etc., blah-blah... Ha-ha!
Cheers! ;)

As you can see, my comment shouldn't have been deleted; but one must remember, I didn't kiss their ass and I was simply "telling it like it is." Yeah, so much for freedom of commentary on social blogs. If you're a pusscake, you don't deserve a 'comment field' on your blog, plain & simple. Maybe these folks need to have a private sector on the web that is limited to just friends & family; that's fine, but get off the mainstream topics that involves the rest of society, if you're such a pantywaist pansy of tulip heaven. Good day, now...

Fuck You!!! ---End of "Silly Semantics" Post

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why is "telling it like it is" such a big deal?

I've pondered over this before, as I have often heard throughout the years: "Hey, I like him; he tells it like it is!"

What the fuck? What do I and many others, with this unfortunate label of such (telling it like it is), suppose to actually do, "tell it like it isn't?" The whole notion of doing otherwise is completely, utterly asinine, to say the least. I didn't think it was a choice in the past, but I've slowly come to understand, through the decades of decadence, that the safeguards you spineless people commonly present to the coward crop of political correctness, makes me sick to my stomach. Hmm, nowadays, those comments about being dazzled by someone who is gloriously "telling it like it is," makes sense to me! You're a pussy-footed weakling, plain & simple...

See..., that is the problem right there. Many folks are accustomed to having their ass kissed all the time and always cling to that "you violated my rights" policy of pussiness. Oh, I get it, you're just a pansy-like sissy pantywaist who wants perpetual sunshine with no thunderstorms. Ahh, how so sweet... Lets just all pretend to live under a rainbow and say abracadabra, shall we?

By the way, what ever happened to the Yin & Yang principle of life? What? One side got stuck up your ass or something? Well, that's another post, but I must say in advance that I'm neither a proctologist or a plumber, so good luck with that... Now, back to your rainbow & sunshine issues......

Well, go fuck yourselves because I'm too honest for that, ya fuckin' freaks of fucktart heaven!

Oh, since this post is all about being nice, I must also add:

Besides the fact that people often make a big deal about the individuals who "tell it like it is" or at least as they honestly see it, what is it with the ones who think it is negative to say something that isn't so friendly or politically correct? First of all, if it's so-called "politically correct," then it is obviously and most likely a damn lie! Secondly, nobody should ever be labelled as being "negative," ever, for having functioning senses that actually work!

At any rate, dear, cordial humanoids with endearing properties, cheers now!

Check out the image below; is that "telling it like it is" or what? Nah, perhaps not, but I'd say it is beautiful to strip life from hell and go back into a state of freedom. Call it spiritual emancipation if you wish, but either way, School can be aggravating at look at death as Spring Break! I'm being serious, ya know? Ha-ha!

---End of Post

Monday, September 6, 2010

Did someone lose their 'Big Cock' or something?

Hey, you! Did anyone recently lose their freakish-sized cock or something? Or is this simply an image of a crazy cockatrice that has evolved backwards or possibly forwards, into a gigantic rooster? Ha-ha! The image below, represents the age-old question, "Who has the biggest cock on Earth besides the, often envied, Sperm Whale?" Yep, this guy obviously does at the moment and he had to use a lasso just to bring it in; check it out:

Did someone lose their big cock?I mean, really, what the fuck? Did someone call for a roundup? Ha-ha!

Yeah-yeah, we all know that this image is fake, but it has its advantages if used properly. Just think, for example, you could send someone that you currently admire an e-mail, perhaps to an individual you haven't spoken to in a while or maybe some potential sex slave you recently met on MySpace, FaceBook or from an adult dating site, while using this image as an icebreaker of some sorts - for your advantage, of course. Just type in the subject line of the e-mail, "check out my huge cock," "only open this message if you want to see my big cock," or "I attached an image file of my massive cock," add the photo as an attachment file, send the e-mail, and if you get a response about it, you know they opened it without actually knowing for sure that you really didn't send a picture of your proud penis, divine dong and/or gleaming lubricated dick of pictorial madness! Ha-ha!

It was just a thought, as I'm trying to find other uses for this asinine, fake-cock photo (after saving it to my picture files), besides using it for just a laugh, even though I'm only currently using it to promote a fictional, humorous post I wrote a few days ago on another site of mine that was entitled: "Why do people keep staring at my cock?" <-- Check it out. That's all I wanted... LOL! Cheers now!

---End of Mega-Cock Post

Now they say the term 'Midget' is racist!

'Midget' is not a racist term! What the fuck is going on here? A friend of mine, in disgust, sent me a link today to an F-Listed site that spoke about this subject:
"Midgets are petitioning the FCC to have the word 'midget' banned from broadcast TV because it is racist against small people."They went on to mention, "The group 'Little People of America' said today the word is just as offensive as racial slurs."
You can read more about it here: [link is no longer active]

Don't worry, this is going to be a very short post:

WTF? First of all, how in the hell does the word 'midget' relate to race, racist issues and/or racial slurs? Dwarfish beings are not limited to one certain race!
This clearly shows, once again, just how soft and fluffy this country is becoming. It seems that the majority of humanity gets more pussified every day. Anyway, this whole subject isn't even worth discussing, however, I'm starting to wonder what will be next...

So, folks, what's next? In the future, will it no longer be politically correct to call someone obese or overweight? What will the proper terms be, "gravitationally challenged"?
Will it eventually be considered wrong to call someone lazy, slow, or sluggish? What is the proper terms or "condition" that they suffer from then, "agility dysfunction"?
I think ya get the point! ...Sickening and pathetic, ain't it!!!
Midget Hookers?And afterwards...
Weird Midgets in the News - Hooker Trauma?---End of 'Midget is not a Racist Term' Post

Do you detest Wal-Mart?

Welcome to Fucking Wal-Mart!  Hurry up and buy some shit, suckers!Do you loathe, detest, and/or hate fucking Wal-Mart stores in general? Do you still shop there? Hell, do you work there? Have you ever asked yourself, "what in the hell am I doing here?" Do you ever spend a little extra money and support your local, small businesses or neighboring, smaller retail stores?

I'm sure many of you have thought similar to some of these thoughts before, while shopping at Wally World, a.k.a. Shit-Mart, a.k.a. Wal-Mart: "I can't wait to get the fuck out of this shithole! This looks like a line to a damn theme park! God damn, the customer service sucks around here! Holy shit! Who is that nasty, freaky-looking whore? She works here? What in the hell is that foul smell? Oh, the putrid odor is coming from that guy working in the food section! That's not a damn Rollback; it's been that same price for the last year. My god! Those stupid bastards put a clearance tag that is higher than the regular retail price! Where do they find these idiots?

What, you're still out of this product? Are you even going to PRETEND to check for it in the back? You put everyone else out of business in this town, and now you don't even carry half the shit I used to buy and I have to resort to this shitty service!"

Whether you just show up for cheap prices to further assist the "selling out" of our country or if you're just desperate for a low-wage job, you are still helping support Corporate America's collapse of civilization's rights, opportunities, options, freedom, and so on (too many to list). Yeah, that last sentence sounds a bit extreme, but it isn't too far-fetched if you look at the long-term damage the world's biggest retailer (Wal-Mart) is creating, blow by blow, one sale at a time. I don't hold it against the workers...well, the ones who are actually "working" and are not too busy finger-fucking each other. Anyway, I understand that sometimes you have to work behind enemy lines or whatever, and some people struggle to make it, living check by check.

Besides, I've talked to many people down through the years who, while being employed there, try to shop at Wal-Mart as little as possible...AND remember,that says a lot because they have a discount card!

Many of us have seen the damage this company does when it moves into a small town. It often turns the area into a ghost town, shutting down all the small businesses while bringing the monopoly of poor service, cheaply made products, and incompetent bozos all under one roof. Passersby may often exclaim, "Hey, cheers now; lets go to Wal-Mart 'cause it's the only fucking thing open in this dead town!"

Speaking of detest, does this country fucking make anything anymore? I mean really, I got a quick game you can play on the GM (general merchandise/non-food items) side of a local Wal-Mart. Just scurry your ass around that place and randomly pick up products and check to see what country made it. 8 or 9 times out of 10, if not more, it is usually "Made in China" and the other times it is not, it's usually some other country besides the U.S.A. Every so often, after searching through the GM side of the store, you might find something that says, "Made in the USA," and you'll be like, "Halle-fuckin-lujah! Hey, you...come over here and look at this... Holy flying rat shit, look at this cheap, flimsy pizza pan beside the Chinese one; we actually made something. God damn, one USA product out of the last 45 foreign ones I've picked up; there is hope after all!"
...Sad, but true...

Anyway, I'm not going to elaborate much about Wal-Marx, oops, I mean Wal-Mart, or is that spelled Walmart nowadays? Ahh, who cares...

What I will do, is provide a few Wal-Mart-related links to other sites, and a comment field for anyone who wants to tell me about their opinion of this mega-company of retail or if you simply just want to answer the question, "Do you detest Wal-Mart?"


Anti-Wal-Mart Resources ( ) - This page provides loads of links for you to explore, when it comes to this particular retail giant. [Link is no longer active]

Why I Hate Wal-Mart ( ) - This guy speaks about many reasons why he detests that place. [Link is no longer active]

Funny Pictures @ Wal-Mart ( ) - Of course they have several options but, for starters, upon entering this site I'd head right for the photo section and check out the humorous images. Be prepared for a good laugh because there are many, uh, uh, unusual looking creatures available within that website. Ha-ha! [Link is no longer active]

Wiki Link ( ) - The politically correct version of Wal-Mart and the history therein.

Like to read? Search for books, by clicking the link below: Wal-Mart is Destroying America

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gay Giraffe greets Donkey

This post will provide a humorous nature pic involving the theme "mammals gone wild."

Apparently, this gay Giraffe greets kindly to wandering Donkeys.

Is it just me or does this wicked Giraffe, depicted below, appear to be "squeezing one off" inside of the victimized donkey??? Ha-ha! Ahh, the image was worth a laugh, to say the least:

What you have seen above, is the "jungle law" being enforced in full swing - while these bizarre acts of sexuality is, of course, permissible by Mother Nature. To me, it looks like the pimp daddy Giraffe just made a total ass out of that donkey! LOL!

...Speaking of laughing out loud, click here for the health benefits of laughter.

---End of Post