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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Master Balls?

Yeah, I'm confused, so I ended up doing a web search about "master balls" tonight. But before I get to those results, I must say how this came about... I was out shopping at a local supermarket earlier today and during the process, I happened to wander close to the sporting goods section. Well, a group of people kept talking about their balls and about mastering something. They were young teenage punks and their jargon wasn't very intelligible, to say the least. Often times, they would seem as if they were speaking about baiting something albeit they were close to the fishing poles, so it started to make sense. I just couldn't figure out how they were going to master the art of baiting when they obviously lacked the tackle. I mean, you must have some type of fishing tackle to bait something, but you definitely can't master the bait if you're a newbie, I thought. Well, as one of them yelled out, "they didn't have enough balls!" I never knew you needed balls to fish, but maybe that is what they were calling the float thingies you can buy for your fishing line or maybe the sinkers for your bait?

So, I assumed they meant "master balls" instead of "master bait" (masturbate?) and I decided to check online for the answer when I got home. I found out that "master balls" relates to either high-quality spheres that are calibrated in an absolute fashion or the best and rarest ball available in any game - especially if it involves Pokémon. Now, I'm even more confused! If these people were just chattering about spanking their monkey, then why didn't they stay home and take care of all of that before leaving the house? But don't sit around half-stoked at a populated store and talk about mastering the art of baiting your fishing hooks when you obviously lack the balls to even use the tackle to begin with.

P.S. I just made this whole story up from the top of my head... LOL!

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