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Monday, March 1, 2010

Should prostitution be legal via Brothels & Bordellos?

There are several parts of the world, that has legalized prostitution. Of course, restrictions & regulations apply...but why is prostitution not legal everywhere? Is it due to moral reasons, health issues (rampant spread of venereal diseases, etc.) or simply due to the ineffectiveness to fully tax this sex act?

In my opinion, I think they should have Brothels and/or Bordellos all across the globe. I mean really, what's the big fucking deal? Lets build those whorehouses, and move on...

Take the United States, for example: Technically, at the time I'm writing this, only the state of Nevada has legalized organized prostitution - with strict regulations. Nevada is also home to "Las Vegas" (Sin City) - the biggest gambling ring in the country. We all know that there are street walking "sex contractors" all throughout the world. They often get "pimped out," busted by law enforcement, fined, and set back out on the streets where the process repeats itself. In a way, the Judicial branch can rake in the money, through court fines & fees, et cetera. But, if we had organized, regulated Brothels & Bordellos set up, it could easily be taxed. We must keep Uncle Sam happy, ya know...

What about those private "escorts" and/or escort services that are supposedly getting paid for "companionship" and company? Get real... That's just a legal way of paying for sex. Do you really think most guys would pay a girl all that money for a lame dinner date? Ha-ha-ha! Whatever...

In a way, it seems like it is just a procedure that has to gradually be worked in, within this changing world. It would be the same as saying we should legalize marijuana, but it is a process of change that takes time. No matter the issue, they always seemed to be covered up with "politically correct" & "morally just" lies - when in reality, it is merely fiscal dilemmas.

We can eliminate the need for having illegal 'street walking' sex slaves with pay; we can legalize it and totally organize it! Hell, most people feel like they are paying for sex anyway, even some of the ones in long-term relationships...Ha-ha!
So, what's your opinion? Should prostitution be legal via Brothels & Bordellos?

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