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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jasmine Fiore - Sexy Pics & Bikini Images

To change it up a bit, I thought it would be a good time to whip out some erotic images & tasty pics for this lovely blog. This particular post features a sexy, former Playboy model, Jasmine Fiore. This hot babe had an obvious talent for being a swimsuit / bikini model, among many other things. Her physical assets could send a man's reproductive unit into a complete state of perpendicularity, in no time at all. Her birth name is Jasmine Lepore and she was from Santa Cruz, California.

Unfortunately, her career of bikini bliss ended a while back (at age 28) when her husband, Ryan A. Jenkins, strangled & hacked her into bits, stuffed her in a suitcase and tossed it into the trash/alley dumpster. Her body was mutilated to prevent identification, but it didn't work. Jasmine Fiore was later identified by the serial numbers from her succulent breast implants. A few days after the murder, Ryan Jenkins commited suicide in a hotel.

On a better note, I'll provide some stimulating pics of Jasmine Fiore...

Click on any of the images below, to enlarge for a better view:

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fundraising Whores Raising?

Fundraising (or fund raising) typically involves solicitation and other means of gathering money, donations, resources, etc.

But, this post speaks of a different type or shall we say "method" of solicitation. I'm talking about the ones who hang out by stop signs and red lights, get in the middle of the street and beg for donations. That, in its self, is enough of an aggravation - especially when you are struggling as a low-middle class, full-time laborer. I usually think to myself, "why don't they get some of those corporate bastards & big businesses to donate to your cause, you know, the ones with all the money."

Anyway, that is not the entire reason for this post and it has nothing to do with the title. This post is about those little 16 to 18-year-old girls who get in the middle of the street with skimpy, cut-off shorts up to their tight, succulent asses...along with a tiny shirt with their hips & stomach exposed while their juicy boobs are nearly hanging out, all while raising money. Yes, now that is solicitation in full swing, well, maybe that is enticement in full drool. This is when I ask the question to myself, "fundraising whores are raising?" Hmm, what?

Even though I usually just drive by with my cock swinging out the window and my tongue hanging to the floor, I still don't think it is right to put barely legal teens and minors out on the street dressed as a prostitute...all while trying to collect donations. I mean hey, if you're selling sex for your cause, fine. I'll pull up, tell 'em I got 2 hours to kill and order me up 2 rounds of fornication for 40 dollars and be done with it. That reminds me, I once did a blog post about that subject and it's titled "Should Prostitution be Legal?"

And if you must use desperate measures to raise money, at least offer a service. Okay, okay... We'll try an innocent one that would still be better than street walking. Just put a bunch of bikini babes on the side of the roads throughout local car washes around the area and offer a car washing service. You can pay them, as your donation to their cause, and get to watch them manually wash your car while they sport their bikinis and/or physical assets.

As far as any other supplemental "fund raising" that occurs afterwards, well, that would be between you and those innocent angels that are washing your car. Ha-ha!
Yeah, it goes something like this......

Bikini Car Wash!To hell with the whores raising funds, check out this sexy image gallery:

"Sexy Tattoo Babe / Model - Queen Esther Hanuka"

Lazy Bastards using Weed Killer...

I'm sick of these pathetic bastards that are too lethargic to do any manual work......

For instance, those morons who have to use weed killer all around their fences and whatever else, just because they are too lazy to trim, snip, or use a weed eater.

Another example, I have a step-dad who was trying to give me garden advice this year, so I wouldn't have to use a tiller as often or hoe as much. He thought it would be a good idea to dump weed killer in between the rows and around all of my plants. I looked at him and said, "no thanks, I'll take care of it." If I wanted to fill my garden with poison and devour the non-organic, poison-grown produce that yields later, I'd simply not have a garden to start with and I'd buy all of my vegetables at the super-market.

Other than these type of people being flat out lazy, their asininity is also not good for the planet nor its water supply. I mean really, do they ever think where all of this stuff goes when you profusely pour these liquid toxins into the ground?

I'm usually not for inflating prices or taxes, due to where the tax revenue often goes, but in this case, I'd like to see them raise the prices and perhaps even add an extra tax to these poisons and weed killers/herbicides; the same applies for rodent repellents, insecticides, and so on. Maybe if we jack up the cost of these products that are geared for these sluggish bastards, it would slow down the widespread usage of these moronic chemicals.

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Online IQ Tests Provide False Sense of Intellect

The majority should realize by now, the world is utterly full of marketing hype & hogwash that is accompanied with pseudo-intellectuals, and the randomly placed crazed lunatics who spout woo-woo lyrics of absolute wooism for financial gain...along with many other imbeciles to be named later. But, unfortunately, this short blog post only applies to the special morons who get duped and fall for the credibility of online IQ tests.

As amusing as it may be, it is equally pathetic at the same time. Most of the online tests out there, are simply providing some quick test involving questions that couldn't perplex a 7-year-old child, while offering to send you a copy of your "detailed results" for a small fee. Yes folks, you must pay 'em to tell you just how much of a genius your ignorant self is.
I've known some people who have took these online IQ tests that could barely graduate High School while taking the easiest classes possible. You know, the same type of people who thought Pre-Algebra was difficult. Yep, but they scored on a genius level via feign results of these online scams, oops, I mean IQ Tests. I've also read other flaming fools talking about their great results by way of online forums.

First of all, even if you find an authentic IQ test, it doesn't mean anything. One test limited to a few questions can't determine overall intellectual capacity. It can, however, show some of your potential strong points within your cognitive functions. The test is better used when trying to determine the degree or the severity of how bad someone may be mentally challenged or not, rather than trying to gauge intellect on a higher level - which is impossible to do with limited questions & tests.

At any rate, if you're a true dumb ass and need to feel smart and/or would like to print out a certificate of your fictitious intellectual power, just get out your credit card and order you up some data after you complete an online IQ scam/test. Live long and prosper...

I took the online test and my IQ was 200!

Freelancing Wanna-bes

I've recently stumbled across a sickening, childish, pathetic situation via the world wide web. It was a site full of freelancing wanna-bes, uneducated dolts, and overall it consisted of a bunch of untalented, so-called "writers" that were writing for one of those article-submit sites. The goal, within this particular site, is to upload as much poppycock as you can, in hopes that whoever lands on your junk, by way of the search engines, will click on your adverts so you can earn a few pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, etc. The hosted site has a revenue share program, so that both the "writer" and the site owners can make cash from your senseless verbiage.

There are many of these article-submit sites out there and not all of the writers totally suck, but the talent is few and far between. Anyway, that is not what I'm babbling about today. The other day, I run across one of these websites giving one of their members a cyber-interview about his success...along with cyber-hugs, kisses, and a giant, sloppy felicitation.

The freelancing wanna-be that was having this cyber-interview, had finally made 100 dollars after posting on that site for 8 months or thereabouts. Oh my god, you'd think, after reading the interview, it was some giant leap of success. Normally, when I come across stupid shit like that, I simply x-out the screen and go back to my IE's homepage and restart my search queries. Well, this was so damn moronic that it was entertaining to read. Talk about a load of dino-dung, this guy was talking like he was head SEO advisor and had the monetary wheels turning at Bill Gate's pace. 100 hundred dollars after 8 months and this guy is getting famed? Ha-ha-ha! LOL! I was laughing my ass off. Well, that part was good. If you need to learn more about why this was healthy, visit: The Health Benefits of Laughing, Laugh Out Loud, LOL!

Okay, back to the garbage: Lets break this down and say that 8 months roughly averages 240 days. This guy made 100 dollars online in 240 days. It rounds up to $0.42 cents a day! Oh, wow! Lets start a party! Congratulations! Hurrah! Hurray! LOL! It was even more ludicrous to read the actual interview. Due to the ridiculous nature, I'll keep the site and the freelancing wanna-bes nameless. Besides, with that type of success flying around the web, these people may continue to upload their hogwash at a rampant rate and be able to buy that studded dildo they always wanted, within 3 months!

Yes folks, I think some of these people need to either get a real job, better hobbies or perhaps, maybe even a life. I know that success doesn't happen over night, and that monetary gains can increase over time. That is not the point. What's pertinent is that there is no need to celebrate or give interviews to people who took 5,760 hours to make 100 dollars online! You could have mowed 4 or 5 yards and made more than that. Hell, forget about the lawn mowing lunatics... You could have worked a minimum-wage job for 2 days and made more than that! Plus, 2 days is a lot shorter than 5,760 hours. Anyway, dear freelancing wanna-bes, good luck to ya and remember to grease-up before you do go out and blow all of your "hard-earned" online money on that studded dildo you keep dreaming about...... LOL!

Update: Here is some recent slop that I wrote on an article-submit site full of amateurs and freelancing wanna-bes with a few good writers here & there, albeit the community is quite entertaining, at times...

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