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Monday, May 17, 2010

Nicole "Coco" Austin - Phat Booty - Part 2

A couple months ago, I did a sexy blog post about the famous Coco, and provided a few sample pics. Her actual name is Nicole Austin, but I doubt if anyone cares about the technicalities. The only detail that matters, is the availability of images that display this busty babe with the big booty. Below, I'll provide several images, including bikini pics, erotic poses, et cetera. This is when the term 'Phat' is actually worthy of its placement, as this pictorial post will demonstrate...

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The Misconceptions of "Skinny"

A while back, I did a post that was titled "Weight Loss Poppycocks." Within that particular blog entry, I spoke about some of the senseless hogwash and advertising nonsense that is often applied to the "losing weight" theme and how these so-called health gurus complicate the simple fundamentals of weight loss.
Today, I'm adding to this topic, by briefly typing about the misconceptions of "skinny." Back in the day, before the majority of people's BMI (body mass index) blossomed into gargantuan proportions, when you called someone "skinny," they were damn-near skin & bones and/or very thin. Nowadays, many people are under a misconception of what skinny actually is. There is a recent study out, predicting that 75% of Americans will be overweight and 41% obese by 2015. It is literally, a medical/health crisis at hand!

The majority of people in the U.S. are currently overweight, and a large chunk of that percentage are so damn obese, that it has twisted their sense of normalcy - when it comes to identifying an ideal healthy weight. Many of these "big people" are starting to think it is normal to have trouble tieing their shoes, for example. Some of these behemoth beings don't seem to think there is a problem when they are encountering difficulty (they can't reach it) while (failing at) wiping their own ass after releasing the giant pile of Dino Dung. Even though they have clumps of fat rolls hanging off their body, many of these jumbo-sized entities act as if they don't realize they are morbidly obese nor care, and often refer to physically fit individuals as "skinny," in an insulting sort of way.

I was at the store the other day, and I witnessed a fine example of the "misconceptions of skinny." There was this enormous lady with a couple of her gigantic friends or family members shopping in the store. They had the aisle blocked with their shopping cart and their large bodies. I was standing on the end of the aisle, but could still hear them. Some guy was going down the other end of the aisle and then stopped. One of the massive ladies said to him, "oh, you can squeeze your skinny butt through here, since you're so tiny," and then they all laughed out loud. The guy was about 6ft. tall and roughly 180 lbs. and they acted like he was a skinny freak! It was sickening to watch, to say the least; and since I probably weighed about the same or perhaps even less than the other guy, they would think the same of me, as well.

Guess what, folks... This is a damn disgrace to humanity, when you have people who have basically ate their way to the status of disability, draw free money for doing such, and actually think it is funny to be in shape and have an athletic build. ...Absolutely pathetic!

I understand that some people are built a lot bigger, have larger frames, etc. I also realize that human beings have slowly evolved into larger creatures, over time. BUT, I do not and will not ever accept the fact that they pull tax money from the working individuals to support these non-working, bulging baboons that draw disability and/or collect welfare funds while they have no other ailments or conditions besides hunger and/or weight-related problems that was all brought on by over-eating! I don't think I'm alone here, as many of us hate paying for these lazy gluts and flatulent fucks! Quit being so sedentary & gluttonous and lose some freakin' weight already, why don't ya?!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Lawn Mowing Lunatics - Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder - Kill the Yard!

Yes folks, it's that time of year; the grass is growing, pollination is taking place and everything that can sting & bite you is in full swing. Praise be the Spring Time!
On the flip side, 'tis the season for lawn mowing lunatics who have an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and sing that crazed song in their head, "kill the yard, kill the yard!" Some of these whackjobs actually take part in frequently mowing their yard every 2 days, et cetera! What a waste of time and gasoline...

There is nothing wrong with being neat & tidy, but my God, enough is enough! There are really some deranged lunatics out there that are totally obsessed with the upkeep of their lawn. It is a peeve of mine, for more reasons than one. First of all, grass is good (with or without the marijuana implications) and to me, healthy green grass compliments nature. So why do you want to butcher the grass every time it grows over an inch?

After observing a few local lawn freaks over the years, I have narrowed it down to a certain mental condition. Well, I hate to narrow it down to today's version of "condition," since back in the day, we used to just call 'em all insane and be done with it. Anyway, I think they call this here mental thingy-ma-jiggy a damn case of "Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder" (OCPD). Yeah, that sounds real hip. Just tell 'em, "Yo-yo, I think my uncle is coming down with the OCPD." Whatever, they are a bunch of nutjobs, regardless.
If you want to read more about this labeled "condition" without the yard yak, visit:

In addition to these blade-slinging fanatics who take pride in the "Kill the Yard" philosophy, most of them use a riding mower. Something tells me, that at least a portion of these loony lawn killers would slow down on the mowing, if they had to push one manually. One would think some of these circus freaks are going to be teeing off in the front yard, since they keep it shorter than a fuckin' golf course! At any rate, whether these people just have no life, simply enjoy riding a mower constantly, or have come down with the OCPD along with other mental conditions to be named later, it's their life. But, I can gripe about it if I desire. Plus, I always enjoy making fun of asininity.

...Oh no, during the time I wrote this, the grass in your lawn has grown 1/1000th of an inch! Hurry, get those riding mowers started! Kill the yard! Kill the yard! Ha-ha!

Are bodybuilding freaks simply gluts with mental problems?

Before I say any more, this post doesn't apply to people who are health nuts, workout regularly, or even the majority of bodybuilders. This applies to the small percentage of what many may refer to as "bodybuilding freaks."
Ya know, the steroid-bound ones with the freakish size and unbelievable amounts of muscle mass, huge bulging veins, an overall non-human appearance, along with a shriveled gonadal sac and/or diminished genitalia - who, in turn, dedicate their whole life to pumping iron and staying at the gym while all of their decision-making in life gyrates around building muscle? Yeah, those folks......

My original query: Are bodybuilding freaks simply gluts with mental problems?

Definitions of 'glut'... 1) Oversupply 2) to fill especially with food to satiety : Satiate (fullness to the point of excess)

Besides the ridiculously high caloric intake from food & supplements that is constantly required to achieve a freakish boldybuilding size, I'd say their body is also at a state of fullness to the point of excess, wouldn't you?

Now, lets move onto one of the possible mental problems at hand:

While briefly searching online for others who may have posted similar questions, I found this quote from some Los Angeles Times article archive site: "No matter how massive they are, athletes with muscle dysmorphia see themselves as 98-pound weaklings, researchers say. [Their] Obsession is likened to anorexia in reverse."

I've thought about this before, because being a bodybuilding freak can sometimes, depending on the person, be just like anorexia in reverse! They are never satisfied, and always think they are small even though they are huge, in contrast to people with anorexia, as they always think they're fat even though they are tiny.

I don't know much about the previously labeled condition called "muscle dysmorphia," nor do I care to; but, besides that obvious mental condition, one could easily throw in a good case of muscular obsession to add to their problems at hand.

Conclusion: I have nothing against physical fitness and, actually, I strongly recommend it, but this blog entry doesn't have anything to do with typical bodybuilding, weight training, et cetera.
Anyway, I usually add at least one image per blog post (or more) that semi-relates to the subject matter, but I refuse to add images of these steroid-taking monsters to this particular post. You can always search the web if you need some sort of freaky refreshment. So, back to the primary question, what do you think? Are these oversized herculean beings simply gluts with mental problems?

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